Better Brand Blueprint

Brands these days are boring. And I’m sick of it.

As a fellow founder who believes in branding as a powerful tool for human connection, I know you’re feeling it too.

And there may be a handful of things getting in your way. But “how” shouldn’t be one of them.

The Better Brand Blueprint is your comprehensive guide to create a one-of-a-kind brand.

It’s 35 pages of goodness — from high-level strategies to tactical steps — that will walk you through my 12 steps of building a compelling brand.

And not just any old brand… but one that leads with the personal, honors your vision, aligns to your values, and attracts ideal clients to you like a magnet.

Specifically, this guide digs into:

  • Why many brands these days aren’t working (and how yours can)
  • Discovering and defining your unique POV as a brand leader
  • Understanding your ideal customer in a deeper way
  • Conducting detailed market research and analyzing your industry
  • Writing a clear and concise positioning statement
  • Crafting valuable messaging pillars to drive your content
  • Translating words into a compelling visual story

Download the full guide here →