How to Build a Human-First Brand

Join GSBC founder Bryn Smith for our first ever training in the community! She’ll be talking about her branding philosophy and how YOU can start building a human-first brand.

In 60 minutes, you will:

  • Learn how your brand and vision can attract ideal clients to you like magnets
  • Understand the power of a brand that values human connection over trends and aesthetics
  • Discover why most brands these days AREN’T working 
  • Get real like examples of brands that are making waves and what we can learn from them 
  • Uncover the common traps most brand leaders fall into (and how you can avoid them)
  • Learn how to set the foundation for your human-first brand in just a few weeks (or less)

This training is especially great for you if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and unaligned in your business for awhile now, tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, and looking for someone who has helped thousands of founders breathe new life into their vision and uncover their one-of-a-kind brands.

Watch on-demand inside the membership.